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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Take a sneak pick at Tim Burton's new movie

Walt Disney Pictures has released the first promotional pictures of the new Tim Burton's movie Alice in Wonderland. For this, Burton casted his all time favourite actor Johnny Depp to be the Mad Hatter, Burton's wife Helena Bonhan Carter as the Red Queen and Anne Hathaway as the very pale looking White Queen.

The movie is set up to be a sequel and it starts when Alice is 17 and finds out that she will be proposed. She makes a run for it and follows the white rabbit down to Wonderland that she visited a decade ago. While the rabbit is convinced he has the right girl, Alice cannot remember Wonderland. All the animals in the kingdom are eagerly waiting for her to lead them to freedom, but will she be able to?

Other details revealed are: White Queen played by Anne Hathaway is very pale and eccentric who doesn't walk, but floats and Johnny Depp is lending his character Mad Hatter an 'indescribable' accent, according to the movie producer Richard Zanuck. All these are part of the dark feeling of the movie, which is Burton's movies signature if we think of cuddly Edward Scissorhands and the heartwarming Sweeney Todd.

Unfortunately, will have to wait for a while until the release which will happen in March 2010. Oh...sooo looking forward to it!

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